Optimize Your Advertising to Japanese Visitors in Hawaii

With many businesses competing for a share of Hawaii’s Japanese visitor market, you need a way to cut through the clutter and put your advertising message squarely in front of Japanese visitors.

85% of Visitors from Japan Watch NGN Hotel Channel

Before the pandemic, Hawaii had approximately 2,000+ Japanese tourists staying in its hotels daily. About 85 percent — 17,000 visitors — watch news and other programming on NGN Hotel Channel every day. There’s no better place to advertise to the Japanese visitor.

Bringing Top News Shows from Japan to 84 Hotels

NGN Hotel Channel is now offering free Japanese news to more than 80 hotels and 31,000 guest rooms from two of the most popular news networks--Fuji Television's FCI and TV Asahi's ANN. For the enjoyment of viewers of all ages, we offer a combination of Japanese domestic news, international news, weather forecasts and special programs.

The Perfect Advertising Environment 

Your advertising message will reach Japanese visitors in their hotel rooms, where they’re relaxed and more receptive. 

You'll have their undivided attention, unlike advertising in Japanese visitor magazines where your message competes against hundreds of others.

Best of all, the cost of advertising on NGN Hotel Channel is comparable to print advertising.

The Right Hotel Rooms, the Right Visitors 

NGN Hotel Channel is found in the right rooms, where you’ll find guests with a higher amount of discretionary income to spend on shopping and services.

Another feature of NGN Hotel Channel is its high distribution rate to suites of first-class hotels such as Halekulani and Hilton. We have a guest room TV network that covers more of the higher-spending Japanese consumers you want to target.

Television advertising is the push media most easily accepted by the Japanese. With the TV on, your message is delivered to the eyes and ears of your target audience on a one-to-one basis.

NGN Hotel Channel is the only hotel channel dedicated to Japanese-language news. Your TV commercials are repeatedly and reliably communicated to Japanese tourists who watch the news in order to stay up-to-date while they are away from home.